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How can I join HealthyAccess?

To join HealthyAccess first your doctor must be a registered HealthyAccess provider. Contact us to see if your doctor's practice currently offers this service.

What services are included in my HealthyAccess membership?

A HealthyAccess membership provides all face-to-face consultations with your doctor and nurse, telephone and secure email communications, repeat prescriptions and online appointment bookings. In addition, your general practice will include most of their regular services. This may vary from practice to practice. HealthyAccess will provide a comprehensive list of services included by your family doctor.

How is the cost of my subscription calculated?

HealthyAccess subscription prices are based on age and historical patterns of expenditure within your practice. Discounts apply for groups.

Is there a limit to how many times I see my GP?

We know that you can't predict when you might need to see your GP. As a HealthyAccess member you can visit your GP or receive email or telephone advice whenever you need it. A fair use policy applies.

Can I enroll directly with my doctor?

Yes – your doctor's receptionist is able provide a quote for you. Or contact us and we will send you a quote.

Is there a discount for a family or group memberships?

Yes - we apply a group discount depending on the number of members you are enrolling.

I don’t go to the GP very often. Why would I need HealthyAccess?

HealthyAccess is about convenience. Imagine being able to receive service from your doctor without having to take hours out of your busy day. You can ask your doctor questions by secure email or by telephone, get timely reminders for routine check-ups, view lab results on-line and avoid unnecessary visits to your doctor. HealthyAccess will save you time and stress normally associated with keeping healthy. It’s the modern, easy way to look after your health and well-being.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by notifying us. Your usual HealthyAccess benefits will remain until the date your next scheduled payment was due.

Can I continue to see my own doctor if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your HealthyAccess subscription you will be able to see your doctor by paying the usual costs for a consultation. Other services provided in a HealthyAccess membership, such as repeat prescriptions and email or telephone consultations will be billed at the normal rates applied by your practice.

Will my subscription increase?

Your HealthyAccess monthly subscription will remain the same for twelve months. Subscriptions will be reviewed annually on the anniversary of the start date of your subscription. You will be advised of any intended change to your subscription and can decide if you wish to continue with your membership.

Ask us if your family doctor is a HealthyAccess provider Contact Us or Call Our Help Desk